Brief History

H.E. Dr. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli

H.E. Dr. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli

Tanganyika became a Sovereign State on 9th December 1961 and the People’s Republic of Zanzibar was established after the Revolution of 12th January 1964. The two Sovereign States formed the United Republic of Tanzania on 26th April 1964.

Mwalimu Julius Nyerere

Pres. Julius Nyerere

Julius Nyerere , in full Julius Kambarage Nyerere , also called Mwalimu (Swahili: “Teacher”) , (born March 1922, Butiama, Tanganyika [now in Tanzania]—died October 14, 1999, London, England), first prime minister of independent Tanganyika (1961), who later became the first president of the new state of Tanzania (1964)

Tanzania National Flag

National Flag

Anthem: "Mungu Ibariki Afrika" (God Bless Africa)

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