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Certificate of No Impediment

When a citizen of The United Republic of Tanzania desires to contract a marriage with a citizen of another country, a Certificate of No Impediment is required if the law of that country requires him/her to produce one. This certificate is proof that no legal impediment to the intended marriage known to the responsible Authorities in Tanzania. The Embassy's role is to endorse the application forms for Certificates of No Impediment.

The applicant is responsible to send the application with relevant attachments directly to the following Address:-

The Registration Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA)
P.O. Box 9183
TEL : +255-22-2153069
FAX : +255-22-2153075
Note: When the certificate is issued, the applicant is supposed to bring/send it to the Embassy for authentication. Visit : RITA ( for more information.

For those who would like to send their applications to Zanzibar they should address to:-

Office of the Registrar General
Mambo Msiige Building, Kelele Street, Shangani
P.O. Box 772
Tel: +255242236324
Fax: +255242236325

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