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Police Clearance Certificate

For those who require Police Clearance Certificates regarding “Criminal Records”, you are kindly advised to note that the Embassy does not issue Police Clearance Certificates. You are therefore advised to proceed as follows:

Apply in writing to:

Forensic Bureau
9 Ghana Ohio Road
P.O. Box 9094
Tel: +255 22 2110006
Fax: +255 22 2118223

The letter should be submitted together with the following attachments:

  • A set of finger prints certified by Local Authorities (Local Police)
  • Attach a letter requesting a “Certificate of Good Conduct” from the applicant or institution requesting the certificate. The letter should provide details of the place you last resided while in Tanzania showing name of district, name of town, street name (if available) and house number.
  • Attach a copy of your passport, a photocopy of the page containing personal particulars.
  • Attach two recent passport size pictures
  • Fee of USD 25
  • The letter and attachments must be sent by DHL, having paid all shipment and return charges or Send by any convenient means,indicating the email address at which the applicant will be notified of the successful issuing of the certificate and communicate on means by which it will be returned to him/her at his/her cost.
  • Please note:– If you are required to have the police certificate authenticated you should send it with prepaid postage or bring it personally to the Embassy. The Embassy will in turn seek a formal verification from concerned authorities in Tanzania.

Police Clearance Certificate (Hati Ya Polisi Ya Tabia Njema)

Kwa wale wanaohitaji Hati ya Polisi ya Tabia Njema (Police Clearance Certificate)kutoka Tanzania wanatakiwa kufuata hatua zifuatazo:-

  • Kwenda katika kituo cha Polisi kilichoko karibu naye ili achukuliwe alama za vidole(Certified Fingerprints). Karatasi halali yenye alama za vidole iwe na taarifa za jina la afisa aliyekuhudumia na muhuri wa kituo husika.
  • Kuandika barua ya maombi kwa ajili ya kupatiwa hati hiyo.
  • Kuambatanisha US$ 25 kama malipo ya huduma ya kutayarisha hati husika.
  • Kuambatanisha nakala ya pasipoti (kurasa zote zenye maelezo muhimu ziwemo).

Vituhivi vyote vitumwe moja kwa moja kwa:

Forensic Bureau
Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters
Ministry of Home Affairs
P.O. Box 9094
Simu: +255 22 211006, 2118637, au +255 754 827940 Fax: +255 22 2112174

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